friend a book today

A recent article by Sarah Buhr in describes Facebook Founder, Mark Zucherberg’s rise to “king maker” status in the publishing world after announcing his crowd sourced New Years resolution to read more books.

With over 100,000 shares on his new website, A Year in Books 2015, Zuch might pose a worthy rival to Oprah, whose Book Club 2.0, according to the article, enjoys a Twitter following of 138,000. Oprah also has a diversity of platforms in O, the Oprah Magazine and OWN, the Oprah Network Facebook page.

As Buhr compares and contrasts the social reach of these two celebs, two questions arise. First, what’s in it for Zucherberg? Certainly, he is in no need of exposure or financial gain though book promotion. Are we seeing advocacy for authors and reading or another warm and fuzzy way to “like” Facebook? Second, who cares? If the Great Zuch is bringing people to books, let it be.

We now have another poke in the ribs to stop updating our FB status quite so often, pick up a book, and read.

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