Proofreading lands near the end of the process. The writer has revised the work to such a point that only a few typos and formatting issues may remain. It is the Proofreader who applies the final line-edit to assure the polished draft is ready for submission. All edits are inserted in Microsoft Word's Track Changes and can be rejected, approved, or revised later by the author using the same program.

Typically the final edit before printing, proofreading is often the last opportunity for changes to be made in the document before printing. In addition to catching any problems lingering after copyediting, proofreading generally addresses the following:

    typographical and mechanical errors
    formatting and layout issues
    overall readability

Some revision by the author may be required during this stage.

A note on academic honesty: The author is solely responsible for the origin and integrity of all secondary source material. While checking the format of in-text citations and bibliographies is within the scope of WorDraft services, it is the author's task to support any claim of fact.