Developmental editing assists a writer while a piece of writing is underway. It may be the sketch of a chapter or the first few paragraphs of an essay; or it may be a longer piece being rewritten for structural reasons. This conceptual stage of writing is often the most challenging, but because it is the foundation of the work, it's especially important to get right. All edits and comments are inserted using Microsoft Word's Track Changes and can be rejected, approved, or revised later by the author using the same program.

As a piece of writing is being developed, or after the first draft is completed, a fresh pair of eyes can serve to flesh out details or better define an audience. This stage may require significant discussion to illuminate the big picture of the writing and focus on structural or stylistic changes.

Developmental editing may be recommended in the initial quote for parts of a project or its entirety.

A note on academic honesty: The author is solely responsible for the origin and integrity of all secondary source material. While checking the format of in-text citations and bibliographies is within the scope of WorDraft services, it is the author's task to support any claim of fact.