Thank you for looking into my editing services. You know as a writer that your final draft is a clear reflection of your commitment to the work. To that end, I offer you competent, proficient editing at a fair price. Following is a description of the quoting process and general rates for services.


In working with personal clients, I follow a general protocol. We may, of course, alter the arrangement as necessary.


Request a quote for editing by filling out the form on the Contact page. After we discuss your project via email or phone conversation, I may ask you to send me your manuscript as an email attachment (.docx). Within 24 hours, I will send you:

  • a proposal outlining my approach to the work and the scope of editing
  • an itemized quote based upon word count and the level of editing required

Note: I no longer offer sample edits of manuscript selections. Please send the entire manuscript for assessment.


Once you accept the proposal for editing (within seven days of receiving it), you will receive from me an electronic contract to sign and return. The contract will reflect the proposal and quote that we agreed to. Depending on the size of the project, I may request a retainer of up to 50% of the quote. Manuscripts over 50,000 words, or those submitted by international clients, may require incremental payments.


Because ambiguities arise in the course of editing, I would like to be able to discuss these with you via phone, Skype, or email. Face-to-face meetings in Portland, Oregon, USA are also possible.


You may expect your edited manuscript and editorial report on or before the date listed in the contract. The product you receive will be an annotated copy for your reference during subsequent revision. The accompanying report will explain edits and comments in further detail. Your work, my edits, and the report will remain confidential per the contract.


Retainer, incremental, and final payments are due by the date(s) specified in our contract. Payment methods include PayPal, Chase QuickPay, Square, or electronic bank deposit.


The following price ranges are “ballpark” to lend you a general sense of the cost involved in the editing. Should you pursue my service, a more accurate rate will be expressed in the quote that I generate for you.

Developmental Editing

500–1000 words/hr



1000–1500 words/hr



2000–2500 words



Student flat rate:


Editorial rates based on those recommended by the Editorial Freelancers Association

I look forward to working with you on your project. If you have questions regarding the process outlined above, the calculation of the quote, or technical requirements, please fill out the Contact Form in the Contact page and hit Submit. I will respond directly.